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YG1146 Transmission Signal Connector Waterproof Socket

YG1146 35pin transmission cable signal system connector has a maximum rated current of 8A and a rated voltage of 250V. The insulation resistance is ≥5000MΩ and the dielectric withstand voltage is 1000V AC, ensuring reliable performance in signal transmission applications.
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Signal System

YG1146 Transmission Cable Connector Description

  • Cable Range:16~20AWG, 1mm², 1.5mm²

  • Cable outer diameter: φ1.7mm~2.7mm

YG1146 Signal System Connector Parameters

  1. Poka-yoke

  2. Rated Current: 8A Max

  3. Rated Voltage: 250V

  4. Insulation Resistance:≥5000MΩ

  5. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1000V AC

  6. Temperature Range: -40℃~+125℃

  7. Protection level IP Code: IP67

  8. Socket individually waterproof, Socket For: IPX7

  9. Mechanical life: 50times

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