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6-Pin YG1 163 Plastic Housing Connector Poka-yoke HVIL

YG1 163 plastic shell connector adopts secondary locking function and poka-yoke design. It integrates HVIL, protection against electric shock and 360° shielding for enhanced safety. It is used in applications such as PDUs and BDUs.
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YG1 163 Plastic Shell Connector Description

  1. Secondary Lock Function

  2. Cable Range:2.5~6mm²

  3. Poka-yoke

  4. High-voltage interlocking / HVIL

  5. Touch-proof

  6. 360° Shielding

  7. Application: High-voltage box / PDU, BDU


  • Rated Current:

Power 20A(2.5mm²) 25A(4mm²) 30A(6mm)

Signal 2A(0.5mm²)

  • Rated Voltage:

Power 1000V (AC/DC)

Signal 24V(AC/DC)

  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:

Power 3000V AC 50HZ (Normal)

Signal 1000V AC 50HZ (Normal)

  • Temperature Range: -40℃~+125℃

  • Protection level IPRaling: IP67&IP6K9K, IPXXB